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Prior to consulting, Stacey managed the Idaho Water Rental Pilot Project and the Albeni Falls Wildlife Mitigation Project for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.


The Idaho Water Rental Pilot Project was designed to identify resident fish and wildlife impacts and benefits in the Snake River system and provide management recommendations to protect and enhance those resources as impacted by the release of-water in the upper Snake River Basin for enhancing juvenile salmon outmigration. After developing a successful funding proposal, which increased project funds over 500 percent, we were able to continue with the project to model flow fluctuations in the river and examine the effects on fish and wildlife habitat. 


Implementation of the Albeni Falls Wildlife Mitigation Project began in 1992. Stacey was the coordinator of an interagency team of biologists responsible for the conservation and restoration of wildlife habitat resulting from impacts caused by the construction of the dam. Stacey successfully developed a three-year project funding proposal in the amount of $16 million to be shared among members of the interagency working group. 


Since 2002, TransEco Services has offered its project management services to the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho and is currently coordinating the Technical Review Team (TRT) for the Tribe's Reconnect Project (Reconnect the Kootenai River with the Historic Floodplain). The TRT is responsible for designing and implementing wetland restoration projects on mitigation lands owned by the Tribe. 

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