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Wildlife Habitat


In 1992 state and tribal wildlife organizations throughout the Columbia River Basin began to implement land protection activities to mitigate the loss of wildlife habitat associated with the construction of Albeni Falls Dam, located on Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho. With a portfolio of over 30 parcels valued at over $11 million, TransEco Services has the transactional experience to successfully close complex conservation projects.

Highlights with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game include the acquisition of a 1500-acre parcel on Boundary Creek, near Porthill, Idaho. Despite historic farming and grazing, the property's historic wetlands have been fully restored. The gray wolf and Kootenai River white sturgeon are listed as endangered species and are in the area. Bald eagle, grizzly bear, bull trout and Canada lynx are listed as threatened species and are known to occur on the property.   


While working for the Kalispel Tribe of Indians, several years were dedicated to protecting a mosaic of habitats around Beaver Lake, located in Sagle, Idaho. Consisting of 4 parcels totaling nearly 500 acres, the Beaver Lake complex protects important wetland plant communities, bald eagle nesting and perching habitat and open water for migrating waterfowl. 

Beaver Lake.jpg

Kalispel Tribe

of Indians

An estimated 2,500 acres was purchased for the Kalispel Tribe to mitigate the loss of wildlife habitat due to construction of Albeni Falls Dam. These parcels are located near the Tribe's Reservation in eastern Washington as well as in North Idaho.

Indian Creek.jpg

Coeur d'Alene Tribe

Windy Bay is a 146-acre parcel, located on Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Windy Bay.png

Kootenai Tribe

of Idaho

Perkins Lake was originally protected with a conservation easement by The Nature Conservancy. The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho purchased the property in 2001 in an ongoing effort to protect critically threatened peat and other rare plant communities surrounding the lake.

Perkins Boundary_edited_edited.jpg

Avista Utilities

and the

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy

Eight parcels, totaling an estimated 320 acres, were protected as part of Avista's Cabinet Gorge Dam Relicensing Agreement to mitigate the loss of bull trout spawning habitat.

Trestle Creek.jpg
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